Illustration Friday: Kernel (Part 1)

17 May

IllusFriday20120517_KernelHere is a watercolor sketch of my favorite diversion whenever my mother served whole kernel corn.  This fellow has covered only two teeth.  I could always manage at least half a dozen kernels!

The face is is Burnt Sienna (Daler-Rowney 221) with Winsor Red Deep (W&N 0105 725) and Mauve (W&N 030) on the near side and Cadmium Orange (W&N 081), Ultramarine Blue (W&N ?) and Hooker’s Green Dark (W&N 316) on the far side.

I blocked out the hair with Mauve (W&N 030) on the near side and Ultramarine Blue (W&N ?) on the far side.  The local hair color is Ivory Black, but I’m not sure if I used Rowney 034 or W&N 0105 331.  I painted everything wet on wet and controlled drying with a hair dryer.IllusFriday20120517B_Kernel

Massing the hair is interesting because black has so many other colors in it. Burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and mauve help shape the mass of the hair and black finishes it off.

The challenges for the next stage will be the metallic fork and cast shadows on the shirt.

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