Beetle and Goliath

22 Jun

I started exploring the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) this spring with my friend Barbara, and I’ve also been looking for storybook character ideas.  In an earlier post I included drawings of gemsbok (a kind of gazelle), a water buffalo and mountain quail.  However I have not come up with characters based on those drawings until now.  Two days ago I spent several hours in the Discovery Room at AMNH with a shadow box devoted to beetles.

This is a smaller version of the image of Beetle, without a cap, that I originally created and posted.

So far, two characters are the outcome of that AMNH visit –a beetle named Goliath and the little boy who found him.  Here is my first character sketch of Beetle with Goliath.

Goliath is actually a Goliath Beetle.  His full Latin name is Goliathus orientalils ssp preussi.  The ssp part of his name stands for subspecies.  This beetle is native to Tanzania and the Congo, and is the heaviest beetle in the world.  In the story, the boy becomes so interested in entomology that his friends give him the nickname Beetle.

Beetle-and-GoliathREV_BLOGI decided I really like the idea of a young boy wearing a cap.  These caps are really popular with metro NYC boys and girls during the summer so I gave Beetle a baseball cap too.  I hope you like this drawing and agree that Beetle and Goliath are interesting characters.

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