Illustration Friday: Lonely

29 Jul

The watercolor sketch on the left is my initial idea for the Illustration Friday topic “Lonely.”  I finished it after the deadline and I wasn’t really satisfied with it anyway so I never posted it on IF.


The first image feels too high key for the topic, so I worked up a second version with a wider tonal range and chose an evening rather than a daytime setting.  I hope the cooler colors of the evening scene convey more of a sense of isolation..  Here is a list of the colors I used:

  • trees and grass:  Hooker’s Green Dark – Cotman316 plus Winsor Blue – Winsor & Newton 053
  • evening sky and shadows on the figure:  Mauve –  Winsor & Newton 630 plus Winsor Blue – Winsor & Newton 053
  • jeans: Ultramarine blue in the daytime scene, Mauve –  Winsor & Newton 630, Winsor Blue – Winsor & Newton 053 and Payne’s Grey in the evening scene

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